Day 5 of the 21 DSD

I made Kale Chips and Apple Cinnamon Donuts from the 21 DSD to get me through my 5th night shift in a row… OH MY GOODNESS! These donuts are delicious! …. especially considering they have no sugar.



Page 199 of the 21 DSD.

Review: AMAZING! texture is great, taste is great. I’m so happy. I’m making these again.

Day 5 Meal Plan:

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs and 3 pieces of bacon

Lunch: Leftover Beef Stew

Supper: Leftover Double Pork Tenderloin with Kale Chips


Snacks: 1 Avocado with lemon juice, 2 boiled eggs, almonds, apple cinnamon donut, 1 not sweet cinnamon coconut cookie, 1 pumpkin spice carrot muffin. Coffee. Green Tea.

Mood: Pretty bad headache, might have to do with the first snowfall of the year as well. I also felt that it was really difficult to bike to work today, also may have had to do with the snow and the cold. Acne hasn’t gotten any worse… might be starting to heal.

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