Day 8 of the DSD

Day 8 was full of cravings and temptations, which are not a very good combination. Day 8 was my first night off work in 9 days and instead of relaxing, I decided to run some errands, and visit my very pregnant Aunt (who made me a delicious 21 DSD friendly supper) who lives an hour away. After picking up my husband from work I was able to get home by midnight and relax.

What should I have done on my day off? GROCERIES!

My husband and I watched a movie… and guess what he was snacking on during the movie? Chips, pop and candy! AHHHH!!! This was TORTURE!! but SOMEHOW (after walking away from him and making myself an omelette at 1AM) I managed to resist, I didn’t even have a little bit!! That night when we went to bed I had a very vivid dream about eating candy and woke up feeling guilty.

Day 8 Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Leftover Beef Stew (finally the last of it!)

Lunch: Leftover Shepherd’s Pie (soooo good)

Supper: Lemon Dill Salmon with Salad

Snacks: Chicken, red pepper and spinach omelet


green tip banana with almond butter, almonds, carrot sticks

Mood: So happy when day 8 was over.

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