Day 12 of the DSD

Cravings are not as bad today… likely because I have been eating so much!!

When I got home from work I put a beef sirloin tip roast in the slow cooker with chopped carrots, onion, tomatoes and rutabaga and a bunch of herbs and home made chicken broth.


I accidentally slept in… I turned my phone on silent and didn’t hear the alarm. So the beef ended up super tender and was hard to cut because it was just basically falling apart. So it was more of a “pulled” beef.


Made the cauliflower herb mashed on  page 178 of The 21 DSD



All together… so yummy!!! I’m so glad I’m going to have leftovers!!

Dessert: Granny Smith Apple Crumble page 204


Review: A little tart at first taste, but I ended up going for seconds! It doesn’t call for any additional nuts on top of the almond meal but I added some chopped pecans, yum yum.

Snacks: Cinnila Nut Mix on page 192 of The 21 DSD


Review: Very delicious straight out of the oven! I’m sure it would be good to eat as cereal with coconut milk.

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