Day 13 of the 21 DSD

Another day of cooking and baking!

My sister came over for a visit so I made her some home made meatballs with the leftover roast sauce and cauliflower mashed and asparagus

I also made the apple breakfast sausages from The 21 DSD, excited to eat these for breakfast over the next couple of days!


Review: Delicious! Decently easy to make as well.

For dessert I made the Pumpkin Spice Thumbnail Cookies from


I kind of messed it up because I read “one can” of pureed pumpkin instead of “one cup”, stupid girl. Oh well, they are still edible! I just doubled the rest of the ingredients. It’s especially yummy with the coconut butter 🙂 I ventured out to a few specialty health food stores today to find some. It was worth the price.

I’ve found myself avoiding a lot of social situations since following the 21 DSD. This is kind of disappointing… last week we declined an invite to a pub to watch a friend’s band play, then this weekend I didn’t go to a going away party and stayed home alone on a Saturday night instead. This was mainly because I wanted to avoid temptation but also because I needed to stay home and rest after having worked so much and it allowed me to catch up on my cooking and baking. I need to learn to be able to go out in public and be able to make healthy choices. But the main craving I have had these last few nights is just a glass of wine!! Only 8 more days to go… do the cravings really ever go away?

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