Day 20 of the 21 DSD

Day 20, Sunday night, my last of three night shifts. My preparation has served me well. I’ve had plenty to eat this weekend and it made it seem a little effortless. The detox seems to get easier as the days go on.

I woke up early today to do some baking for a baby shower I will be going to early Monday evening, on the last day of my sugar detox. This will be my ultimate will power test. I don’t plan on cheating on my last day, although I do find it hard considering I have not seen many changes during the detox.

Despite the fact that I have worked hard over the last 20 days to prepare all my food from scratch, I have starved in attempt to not eat sugar at work, I have not seen much improvement in the areas that I had set out to seek improvement. My acne remains about the same. My clothes might fit a little bit better but not very noticeable, not that I set out to lose weight to begin with. I still have cravings… but at least my cravings are for things like orange juice and dark chocolate and maple syrup on my pancakes and not things like crappy chocolate bars, chips and gummy bears.

For the baby shower I made the Apple Cinnamon Donuts from the 21 Day Sugar Detox book, I sprinkled some coconut crystals on top to make them a bit more sweet for the guests of the baby shower.


I also made the Lemon Vanilla Bean Macaroons from the Against All Grain cookbook


They look pretty good, I can’t wait to try them on Tuesday! (I’ll be saving a couple behind from the baby shower)

One more day!

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