Whole30 Week 2

You know how I know this is working? You know how I know this Whole30 that so many people read about and think is impossible is actually very doable?

Because I’ve stopped counting the days.

A friend of mine asked me at work the other day “What is the first thing you’re going to eat when you’re done?”. My initial thought was… well… nothing.

I don’t actually miss anything.

In the end, my answer was something like a glass of wine or a cup of coffee with some stevia and coconut milk, maybe some pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup.

But really, I’m not craving anything, I’m not thinking about food all the time, I’m actually not hungry. If you know me… that is a crazy notion. I’m always hungry, something I got from my father’s genes. We are simply hungry all the time. These last few night shifts I worked… I could not believe it. I wasn’t eating all the food I was bringing. I wasn’t eating all the food I was preparing, I had so much food I was actually sharing it! I’ve been eating paleo for over a year now but still found myself snacking and eating all the time and still was hungry 2 hours after meals filled with protein and fat, but not nearly as bad as before when I would have a piece of toast for breakfast.

I’m also feeling very fueled in this Whole30 because of the support. My friend Myriam is by my side and was actually the one who asked me to try it out with her, it’s great to have someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of and support each other when out with friends. And after having a few phone calls with my mom she decided to start it as well with my father!

I’m getting many questions from friends and family and it really makes me happy that people are interested in making their lives better.

I think a big part of this is the incredibly long and dreary winter we are having here in Canada, and there seems to be no end in sight. I even told my friend that one of the things I’m most excited about finishing the Whole30 is that the weather will be more springlike by then! (I’m starting to doubt that even…) 

People are feeling depressed and tired and stressed out, and the Whole30 is something to get excited about and challenge yourself and make yourself feel better!

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